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What’s worse than being snowed in with your ex? Literally nothing

Initially, the only thing Marshal and Marshall had in common was a name. Marshall (aka Data) lived his life around spreadsheets, while Marshall (aka Marsh) was an F5 tornado of chaos. Yet for eight years, they were madly in love. Until Marsh abruptly ended things with a half-baked excuse.

Six months later, Data gets a text from Marsh out of the blue: they need to clean out their cabin in Maine and sell it ASAP. He can make it through one more weekend with the man who broke his heart.

Marsh loved adding squiggles to the straight lines of his boyfriend. If only he could’ve lived up to the potential Data saw in him. If only he didn’t feel like he was one big miscalculation on Data’s ledger. Saying goodbye to Marshmallow Mountain will be the final tie to sever, even though he still pines for his number-crunching teddy bear.

But when a massive snowstorm traps them in their small cabin for days, they’re forced to confront hard truths about their breakup…as well as resist the sweltering heat raging between them.

These boys might be headed for a second act, but only if they can make it off Marshmallow Mountain alive.

Marshmallow Mountain is the first book in an exciting new series collaboration between A.J. Truman and M.A. Wardell

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