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February 2025

Family isn't only about blood; it's about the people we choose.

For Marvin Block, former Teacher of the Year, life should be a breeze after finally finding his soulmate. But as he returns to his role as Mr. Block, guiding a flock of kindergarteners, he realizes that getting married is anything but simple. Sure, he’s discovered the love of his life, but is their love strong enough to weather the storm of planning a wedding?

Olan Stone wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with Marvin. Even though he’s divorced, marrying Marvin makes sense. And his daughter, Illona, can’t wait to call Marvin her stepfather. They’re bashert—meant to be. However, as their wedding date approaches, Olan's family will create obstacles that will put their wedding day in jeopardy.

Before reaching their fairy tale ending, forces beyond their control will test the strength of Marvin and Olan’s relationship.

Exploring themes of love, family, and parenthood, Husband of the Year features all the characters you’ve met and grown to love and is the highly anticipated series finale of M.A. Wardell’s Teachers in Love series.

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